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Art Video Lessons

Client:  ArtSEA

Audience: Volunteer teachers and students aged 12-17

Role: Scriptwriting, closed captioning, lesson plan development

Tools: Google Suite, Canva, YouTube

Year: 2022

Design Process

For this course, I collaborated with ArtSEA, an organisation that promotes artists in Southeast Asia to create a series of four art lessons. We chose video lessons so that volunteers, with little experience in teaching art, can use the videos to help them facilitate workshops.

Each lesson includes three art activities. The videos are flexible learning resources that volunteers can use to teach the activities in sequence or select the best activity for their learners. The video above shows a section of the first lesson in the series.

Part of my role in this project was utilizing the client's notes to write a video script in clear, standard English. Many of the volunteers and students are not native English speakers, so the client needed help making the lessons accessible to English language learners. After the videos were completed, I used YouTube to add closed captioning to the videos. This improved accessibility and comprehension for non-native speakers.

In this project, I also designed the slide templates and developed lesson plans. The lesson plans include lesson objectives, materials, key vocabulary, and task instructions. These were necessary to support volunteers as many had never taught art before and needed these job aids to help them feel confident as facilitators.

Below I have included the lesson plan I created to accompany the video lesson and an example of the script. Click on the black arrows on each slide to navigate between the two documents.

ArtSEA Lesson 1 Lesson Plan.png
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