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Educational Content Creation

Clients: Project Luni, Books Beyond Borders

Audience: Donors, social media followers

Role: Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Photographer (book posts) 

Tools: Trello, Slack, Canva, Adobe Lightroom

Year: 2021

Informational Guide

Design Process

Books Beyond Borders is also located in Singapore. They are a social enterprise that resells secondhand books to fund education in Nepal. Project Luni is a Singapore-based charity that rehomes stray kittens. As a volunteer with these organisations, part of my role was to create educational materials and content.


My project at Books Beyond Borders was to inform organisations about how to launch and run a book drive. I also created a series of social media posts to drive book sales. For Project Luni, the goal was to deliver informative social media posts to keep pets safe and encourage donations.

Challenge: Create educational content that was diverse, engaging, and relevant for followers.


Results: Both projects are excellent examples of content that succeeded in being both informative and engaging. These projects are also examples of how I collaborate with a remote team. I used Trello and Slack to communicate and share content with other team members. For Books Beyond Borders, for example, I created a shared Trello board for content creation workflow.  It included sections for brainstorming ideas, photography and copywriting, editing, scheduling posts, and archiving content. This workflow streamlined the content creation process and developed into an effective project management tool.

Educational Content Creation

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