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Flower Arranging Workshop

Client: Lilac Summers

Audience: Adult workshop participants

Role: Workshop development, copywriting, handout, storyboard

Tools: Google Suite, Canva

Year: 2022

Design Process

For this project, I helped entrepreneur Alisa from Lilac Summers to develop a flower arranging workshop. The first thing I did was meet with Alisa to review her business goals and plan hot to best meet them. We decided to create a flower arranging workshop that would appeal to her clients. The aim was to develop a face-to-face workshop to film and use to attract new clients.

Alisa sent me a list of bullet points that outlined what she wanted participants to achieve.  I organised her ideas into clear steps and wrote the copy for the handout. Then I used Canva to design the graphics. 

After the face-to-face workshop, the second step was to convert the workshop into an instructional video. For this portion of the project I created a video storyboard which you can view below.

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