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Learning Framework

Client: Why I Care 

Audience: Thai public school students ages 6-17

Role: Curriculum design, pedagogy specialist

Tools: Google Suite 

Year: 2020

Screenshot 2022-03-02 at 9.54.02 AM.png

Design Process

Why I Care developed learning materials for public schools in rural Thai communities. They aimed to help students improve their health and wellness outcomes by teaching students how to care for themselves and others.


Challenges: The organisation had a clear goal to improve children’s lives in rural Thailand, but was unsure how to use educational resources to meet their goal. They distributed textbooks to students in 2019 that they wanted to improve and make more pedagogically sound.


Results: I developed a pedagogical framework and core competencies curriculum for Why I Care. The goal was to develop learners’ social, physical, cognitive, emotional, aesthetic, and spiritual capabilities. The learning framework combines holistic and humanist education philosophy with social and emotional learning methodology. 

This project taught me a lot about social and emotional learning and how to succesffully apply this methodology to create educational programmes that support whole-child learning.


Click on the image above to download the learning framework and view the core curriculum and example activities. 

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