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Online English Course

Client: Safe Water for Every Child Myanmar

Audience: Karen tribe refugees ages 17-25

Role: Instructional design

Tools: Facebook

Year 2021-Present

Design Process

Safe Water for Every Child provides drinking water filters to Karen tribe refugees in Myanmar and Thailand. In 2021, the client identified a need for English education to enhance young adults’ educational and employment outcomes, and the organisation began offering online English classes. I supported the organisation by creating two online English courses that students and teachers use during synchronous online lessons. The first course was designed for high beginners and the second course is atis at an intermediate level. It focuses on English for academic purposes, preparing students for university-level work in English.


Challenge: I needed to create an online course that was free and accessible to students in a refugee camp with limited wifi access. It also needed to be simple for both students and volunteer teachers to use.


Results: I chose to build the course on Facebook as it is free to use for students with their SIM cards. Purchasing data plans to access another website would have been too costly for students. Facebook is also a platform that both students and teachers were familiar and comfortable with, reducing the learning curve and promoting its adoption. I’ve received excellent feedback from teachers and students about how the high-quality learning activities have helped learners to excel.

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