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Postgraduate Course - Online

Client: An American University

Audience: Postgraduate students

Role: Instructional design, Learning Management System (LMS) administration

Tools: Canvas, Blackboard, PowerPoint

Year: 2020

Design Process

At the start of the pandemic, an American University with. a satellite campus in Singapore needed to transition to online learning. I adapted one of their face-to-face courses into an online course using Canvas, and later Blackboard, when the university switched Learning Management Systems. 


Challenge: The original face-to-face course was lecture-based. I used only the course syllabus and lecture slides as resources to build an online course with a mix of synchronous and asynchronous interactions.


Result: I followed the structure in the syllabus to sequence the units. I organized all the learning materials (readings, videos, and textbook pages) within the units and added forum discussion questions. My reasons for adding the forum questions were to (1) increase asynchronous interactions to add flexibility for busy professional learners,  (2) give students an opportunity to reflect on and synthesize what they had learned in the unit; and (3) provide a virtual space where students could learn from each other’s personal and professional experiences.


The course also included live sessions. I embedded links to Microsoft Teams meetings within the course so students could continue to attend weekly lectures and work on group projects at their scheduled times.

Click on the image above to view a video walkthrough of the course. All confidential information has been replaced with lorem ipsum text.

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