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Yoga Teacher Training

Client: Self-Employed

Audience: 200-hour yoga teacher training students

Role: Instructional design, copywriting

Tools: Articulate Rise 360, Canva

Year: 2019

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Design Process

This course was designed as an introductory course for yoga teacher training students. In 2019, I taught yoga at Nomad Yoga in Vietnam. The studio in which I taught offered teacher training courses, but enrolment was down. I created this course as an example of how blended learning could be used to decrease the time spent in face-to-face training. Most of the teacher trainees were travellers and my hope was that by shortening the in-class course duration from 4 weeks to 3 weeks would increase its appeal to time-strapped tourists.


Challenge: To attract more students to yoga teacher training courses by offering a blended learning course.


Results: The online module, History of Yoga, represent 2 hours to the 200-hr yoga teacher training.  If combined with other units, like anatomy and teaching methodology I think a blended online and face-to-face delivery model would be an excellent option for an initial yoga teacher training. This would provide students will the flexibility to learn the theory and methodology at their own pace, with many opportunities to review the material. It would also offer yoga studios the opportunity to focus on experiential, in-person learning during the teacher training sessions.

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