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English as a Foreign Language Programme

Client: Singapore International School, Vietnam

Audience: English language learners, ages 14-16

Role: Curriculum design, learning materials and assessment design

Tools: Google Suite

Year: 2018-2019

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Design Process

At Singapore International School I worked as the English as a Foreign Language Program Coordinator. I designed curricula, learning materials, and assessments for English language learners in the K-12 program as part of my role.


Challenge: To create curricula, materials and assessments that were pedagogically sound, simple for teachers to use, and applied the available learning resources effectively.

Results: After careful analysis, I restructured the Foundation English course and developed a detailed curriculum with clear learning objectives that were aligned with the course text and assessments. The curriculum map, grammar test, and lesson slides I’ve included here are complementary learning resources to support effective classroom instruction.

Click on the images to view the documents in a new tab.

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