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Summer Camps

Client: Boutique Education

Audience: Children ages 5-10

Role: Curriculum development, graphic design

Tools: Canva, Google Suite

Year: 2021

Copy of BE Nature Camp.png

Design Process

I developed three week-long children’s summer camps for Boutique Education in Singapore. The camps’ themes were outer space, nature, and mindfulness. I’ve included an example of one of the camps, a nature camp called Into the Wild.


Challenge: The camp counsellors needed an “off-the-shelf” curriculum that didn’t require additional lesson preparation. 


Result: To minimize preparation time for counsellors, I submitted a list of all materials and resources to the management weeks before the course took place. All materials were purchased, organized, and ready for camp counsellors to use. Digital resources, like educational videos or art-making instructions, were included as links so that the counsellors could access them quickly and easily. Camp counsellors were also trained on the curriculum and given time to provide feedback or make adjustments prior to facilitating the camp.

Click on the image above to view an overview of the camp, and click the image below to read a detailed curriculum and schedule.

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 10.53.17 AM.png
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